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Ragamuffin, behavior, characteristics, and curiosities

Ragamuffin, behavior, characteristics, and curiosities

Ragamuffin, behavior, characteristics, and curiosities
Ragamuffin, behavior, characteristics, and curiosities 

The Ragamuffin has an unsure starting point, and an enchanting character with which he will have the option to rapidly pick up the fondness of individuals, he cherishes nourishment and normally gets along very well with different pets. 

The Ragamuffin cat breed has a questionable source on the grounds that few tales about its creation are known, in any case, there are two of them that stick out, the principal account that these started towards the 70's gratitude to Ann Baker, a lady who He devoted to breeding felines of Persian breed and had a feline named Josephine, his neighbor raised wild felines and one day Josephine got pregnant with one of them, offering to ascend to the cats we know today as Ragamuffin

Then again, it is accepted that it created during the 90s from Ragdoll felines. The race got autonomous from the Ragdoll on the grounds that a gathering of raisers needed to make their own form of it and were not permitted to utilize a similar name, so they chose to call it Ragamuffin.

Characteristics of the Ragamuffin cat

⦁  Height: they measure between 23 and 28 cm  

⦁  Weight: its weight varies between 4 and 8 kg.

⦁  Body: large, robust, rectangular and with the slender 

⦁  Fur: soft, thick, and short.

⦁  Fur color: it has a wide variety of colors, among which are: white, black, blue, cream, red, coffee, lilac, platinum, yellowish coffee, and chocolate.

⦁  Head:  small in size, and rounded.

⦁  Eyes: they are walnut-shaped, and can be amber, blue, green, gold, hazelnut, among others.

⦁  Nose:  flat.

⦁  Ears:  pointed, elongated and slightly tilted forward.

⦁  Tail: it is wide at the base, sharpens slightly towards the tip, and is of medium length.

Life expectancy

These cats live between 12 and 16 years.


Ragamuffin breed specimens generally have good health due to their physical vigor.

Ragamuffin Behavior

Ragamuffin Cats are quite docile and affectionate, so it can be said that they have characteristics more typical of dogs than cats, they usually run to receive people who come to the house are known or unknown, and in addition, they will love sleeping next to their favorite person.

It is a cat that loves food and is ideal for living with children because they do not usually play using their claws, on the other hand, their coexistence with other pets is quite good.

The Ragamuffin can easily win the affection of any person because he is very sociable and kind even to strangers. It is a very little athletic race but still loves to climb and play, which is why you should have at your disposal a wide space with toys. It should be noted that he is an excellent rodent hunter.

Ragamuffin care

⦁  Brush your fur at least once a week

⦁  Clean your cat's ears with a cotton ball or a soft cloth (you can use warm water with vinegar).

⦁  Brush your teeth to prevent periodontal disease

⦁  Remember to put at your disposal clean water and moderate food to avoid being overweight.

⦁  Wipe your eyes gently with a soft damp cloth.

⦁  Keep your litter box clean.

⦁  Take it regularly to the vet.

⦁  Keep all your cat's vaccinations up to date.

Curiosities of the Ragamuffin 

⦁  These cats are playful until about 3 years, while the other breeds mature between their first and second year.

⦁  It was until 2003 that the Association of Cat Breeders recognized the Ragamuffin as a new breed.