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The importance of playing with your cat

The importance of playing with your cat

The importance of playing with your cat

Playing with your feline has different advantages, including reinforcing ties among people and felines just as forestalling conditions, for example, being overweight because of the absence of physical action. 

On the off chance that you have at least one cats as an organization here we present the most ideal route for you to mess around with them, without causing them any sort of harm or abuse, they simply like us have to have a fabulous time and diversion time, so we will discuss the significance of playing with your feline. 

In this article we will discuss the primary motivations to play with your feline considering its age and different variables, we will clarify why it is important to play with household felines. 

What is the significance of playing with your feline? 

Through the game you can make a more grounded bond with your feline, he needs your organization even to play alone, despite the fact that they are extremely autonomous contrasted with different sorts of creatures, they likewise need love and feel our organization and consideration. 

The game is significant in cats as this causes them to remain diverted, to be loose, to great advancement and to improve their engine abilities. On account of young doggies, playing is significant as it encourages them to improve their physical advancement and development.

Reasons to play with your cat

- While it is true our cats are a domesticated version of the savages that originated them, that hunting instinct is still present in the minds of the felines, considering this, we must plan several games that help them satisfy their wishes to hunt, these Games can be made with the help of a toy that can escape, such as a rubber or wool toy tied to a rope that you have control over. Many people usually use a laser for this type of game with their cats but this is not tangible, so your cat will not be able to catch it as a rubber or wool toy.

- A very important reason to play with them is also the fact that they help them exercise and that they do not suffer from being overweight, which is a very frequent condition today, and many of those in charge of these cats think that being overweight is normal. and it is because they have been sterilized because it is not so and this can be very dangerous for our cats since they, like us, due to lack of exercise can suffer from diseases such as heart problems, feline arthritis, diabetes, among others, due to That should encourage physical activity in our kittens with toys that help them have fun and also exercise.

- The game also helps that our cats do not get bored, it is true that most are very quiet and spend sleeping, but they need fun moments to get out of their monotony and boredom, in the case of domestic cats that do not have the ease of going out this is very common, they, like us being locked up for a long time, without company or some kind of fun causes them boredom, so the most advisable thing in these cases is that you give your cat the possibility If you play like this for a short time after your workday, your cat will appreciate those moments of activity and help you improve your mood as well as health.

- Playing with your cat will help create a bond of trust between them as he is more sociable, the game will make your pet feel moments of relaxation and release accumulated anxiety due to lack of physical activity or lack of company. Playing with you or alone but with your company will make you feel more confident and confident which will help strengthen that bond of love between the human and his feline.

If you have more than one cat, the game will also help improve relationships between everyone at home.

 Importance of the game in cats according to age

Playing with your puppy cat  is important above all to teach coexistence manners such as not scratching or biting our hands or feet, in small cats this may seem very tender, but if we do not teach you that your behavior should be different later this will bring us dislikes with our felines and adults, since it will not be pleasant to bite or bury their claws.

In the case of adult cats, the game is very important as it helps to stimulate their mind and their physical state, but you also have to take into account whether it is a young adult cat or already very adult, because the conditions of the games change and It must be a quieter game and it should not seem strange to them that they play lying down, this is due to their age.

What should I consider to choose a good toy for my cat?

In this case, we should not worry about whether the toy is expensive or branded. This does not influence here. Many of our felines, if not all, are so simple that with just a few strips tied to a rope which we will pull for him to pursue will produce much happiness, we can also use a rubber ball and roll it, that will make He follows her and performs physical activity.

The important thing here is that the toy we choose either a rubber ball, a rope, a cardboard box has nothing that could affect our health or cause any injury to our feline.