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How to eat less to maintain your health?

How to eat less to maintain your health?

How to eat less to maintain your health?
How to eat less to maintain your health?

You do not have to diet when you want to lose weight.

It's easy to adjust your diet, including portion sizes.

We have discovered how to reduce the amount of food consumed effortlessly and without limitation, while at the same time losing a few extra pounds.

Check your nutritional weaknesses
Some people can't resist dessert, while others find it impossible to give up pizza. Others are still unable to curb their appetite when the meat is piled up.

Everyone has their weak points. The first step is

Learn how to control these delicious attacks. What foods irritate your personality? To avoid seduction, try bypassing the places where your favorite foods are served.

Write down everything you eat.
The diary clearly shows what you eat during the day. This perception can serve as a motivation. For example, stop eating chocolate sweets between meals!

Consume protein
It saturates the body quickly and retains a feeling of fullness for a long time. Choose the right proteins - legumes, lean meats, skimmed dairy products, and more.

Do not occupy yourself,
Dinner is dinner. Do not see your favorite series or scroll through social networks. In order not to eat anything extra, it is important to focus on food.

Do not miss breakfast
Remember to say: Eat breakfast, share lunch with a friend, and give an enemy to you. Morning food nourishes the body with energy and gives it strength and also prevents us from eating a lot of food during the day.

Drink water
We often confuse physical hunger with ordinary thirst. Try to drink something when you feel an increase in appetite. If you are hungry after a while, this is really true.

Replace the dishes
We usually put the food on the plate so that it is full. We eat automatically without paying attention to the amount of food we eat. Replace the dishes with smaller ones! This way you will eat less.

Eat slowly
Enjoy the smell of food, feel the taste of each ingredient in it, and enjoy the way you serve it. In other words, I enjoy food. Studies show that a person feels satisfied 15-20 minutes after starting to eat

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