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Dolphin family swim together comforting before being hunted in Japan

Dolphin family swim together comforting before being hunted in Japan 

Dolphin family swim together comforting before being hunted in Japan
Dolphin family swim together comforting before being hunted in Japan 

A group of dolphins or pilot whales is cornered to be pursued in Japan, while the female authority attempted to comfort the family 

drawn closer to murder the family and take others to imprisonment. In this way beginning the dolphin chasing period of Taiji, Japan in the most difficult way. 

Pilot whales are a type of the Delphinidae family (maritime dolphins). 

They can quantify 6 meters and are one of only a handful barely any creatures that has various neocortical neurons more prominent than that of the individual, with 37,500,000,000, in a zone that decides recognition, creative mind, thought, judgment and choice, and along these lines, is firmly connected to knowledge.

The images were shared by Dolphin Project, a nonprofit organization who wrote on Twitter:

“It has been a tragic start for the dolphin hunting season here in Taiji. The month has not yet reached half and we have seen brutal killings and heartbreaking catches. ”

Dolphin family swim together comforting before being hunted

The observers of the organization said that, while the pack waited for their fate after being trapped in the cove, they could be seen swimming in a closed circle with the matriarch circling and 'rubbing against their family members', giving them a little of comfort.

The family was left alone during the night, but the hunters returned the next morning just after dawn. The whales were even "close together while trying to understand what was happening", but began to separate them to begin captive selection.

Then, the divers entered the water where they selected eight of the animals for a life in captivity. The rest were sacrificed, including the matriarch.

Some were hung on the bow of the ship to sell them for food, while the mother who spent the night comforting her family could be seen, floating alone in the water before being taken.

The group posted on their blog :

“The killing process was long, bloody and noisy… The hunters killed this family in phases, presumably due to their size. They seemed to kill three or four individuals at once, so those who stayed waiting for their turn at death had to swim in bloody waters and witness their family die slowly. ”

Every year, from the beginning of September until the end of February, the port of Taiji witnesses scenes such as dolphins are legally hunted by fishermen who are granted permission from the government.

They use metal posts inserted in the water and beaten with hammers to create a 'wall of sound' that confuses the animals, they close the entrance with nets and thus be able to catch them to kill or capture their prey.

It is not clear how many whales they have caught in total Japanese fishermen since hunting resumed in July. But the Japanese Fisheries Agency authorizes fishermen to kill or capture almost 16,000 cetaceans annual