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Cosmetics with a sustainable heart: products with reusable packaging

Cosmetics with a sustainable heart: products with reusable packaging

Cosmetics with a sustainable heart: products with reusable packaging
Bamboo is one of the elements of sustainable cosmetics.

Emerging brands are the biggest bet on conscious and attentive consumption to care for the environment.

Consumption as we know it asks for change. According to the worldwide zero waste movement - which seeks a more sustainable lifestyle - every person throws a kilo and a half of garbage per day, and other organizations estimate that in 30 years there will be more plastic than fish in the ocean.

Little by little, cosmetics - from entrepreneurial brands to giants - correspond to this reality and necessity. There are more and more lines that offer products that contain fewer returns, long-term packages or are made from materials that meet the conditions.

Zaw is one of these options. Created in France by three of his friends and arriving for a few months ago to Argentina, it promotes the idea of ​​rechargeable makeup and bamboo containers -a raw renewable material, from a low impact on the environment and aesthetic appeal.

"From this system, our customers can reduce costs in an environmental way and change the colors of the products they use regularly," Delfina Norbedo-Morenas, director of the local brand, summarizes.

Argentina, who grew up in France and married a Frenchman, decided to return to her family to Buenos Aires a few years ago, and in 2019, she imported this suggestion. "In Europe a few years ago, environmental care became a priority, and here, there is growing interest," he says.

Some information to consider: Replacing this line costs about 40 percent less than the entire article. In addition, from 2020 they will implement a recycling system.

Extending the packaging cycle is also a Bel-lab idea, specializing in creams with natural ingredients and without TACC. “Our customers started asking us what to do with empty containers, and from here, we reinforced our idea of ​​making a difference. Melina and Emiliano Beltroco, brothers and creators of the company that is about to reach the age of five, said, along with our suppliers, we are looking for reusable and recyclable containers.

The process is as follows: Creams contain conditions for container disposal (should be empty, clean and dry) and a selling point that has recycling stations - they are already planning to add some more. For each blank item that is delivered, "the customer receives a discount coupon."

Cosmetics with a sustainable heart: products with reusable packaging
Glass jars are reusable.

We know that it will take some time to raise awareness. But it is necessary and we have a loyal audience for transparency in our production, "complements Melina.

Beauty without plastic materials is another side of this trend and an initiative by Ludmila Gagliardi and Ezequiel Ponce, the youngster of the Respira Orgánico brand.

The main products of the project are solid shampoo - which does not carry containers - air conditioners, deodorants, toothpaste and cream to comb it into reusable glass jars. "We take care to receive the containers, to reload them. Thus, we do not generate unnecessary waste."

"With our suggestion, we help the planet and take better care of our bodies. Industrial products have many chemicals that can backfire.

Some big companies are on the same line. One of Mary Kay's stamps is makeup kits with shaded booths, lighting, and blush that are collected and collected to measure. "Each department is sold separately, and the consumer can only exchange the item they need or want," says Silvina Vialli, the company's marketing director for Uruguay and Argentina. In Natura, on the other hand, 20 percent of containers contain more than 50 percent of plastics from renewable or recycled plant materials.

Revaluing natural materials, questioning animal tests, and stomping the cosmetic industry. Now, sustainable consumption may be the next expected step.

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