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Bob messed up, care, behavior, characteristics and curiosity

Bob messed up, care, behavior, characteristics, and curiosity

Bob messed up, care, behavior, characteristics and curiosity
Bob messed up, care, behavior, characteristics and curiosity 
The Pixie Pop type of felines is totally new, and some trust it is the aftereffect of a crossing point with the Bobcat, yet this has not yet been built up. It ought to be noticed that these felines are very savvy, amicable and true, they are without a doubt a brilliant buddy creature for any caring family. 

The Genie Bob is a type of felines with a generally ongoing starting point going back to 1986 in the United States. Otherwise called "veiled pooch" and "feeble wildcat" or red lynx, this last classification started on the grounds that a few people contend that it is the product of a crossing point between a local feline with this sort of feline, be that as it may, no association with it has been experimentally demonstrated, so it very well may be viewed as a legend. 

Then again, the babysitter Caroll Ann Brewer is liable for the improvement of the breed after a whistled Pixie that she had as a pet, which is the reason the decision for her decision is likewise given the name.

Features Pixie Bob

- Height: between 24 and 28 cm.

- Weight: up to 5 kg.

- Fur: ​​This can be short or long, silky, wooly and water-resistant.

- Fur color: Samples of mottled fur may be presented on a background ranging from light and reddish cinnamon.

- Head: long and prominent front.

- Ears: They are rounded at the extremities and have a wide base.

- Snout: long, broad chin strong.

-Eyes: oval, golden or green.

- Body: Muscle, slender and organized.

- Legs: Long, strong and muscular, it is one of the few races that can suffer from frequent germs, and this genetic disorder has some extra fingers.

Tail: strong and very short.

Life expectancy

These cats live between 12 and 16 years.

Genie Bob Health

This breed is homemade and very comfortable, so the chances of infection or infection are much lower than other cat breeds, on the other hand, can suffer from triple angles (undigested hairballs) that cause bowel problems.

Genie Bob Cat's behavior

Although you might think that Pixie bob has certain destructive or wild behaviors, the truth is that he is very meek, sociable, loving and loyal, which is why he is often compared to dogs, as well as living with dogs. Children and with other animals company is very good.

The Genie Bob enjoys living in apartments and is a very good hunter, intelligent, and independent. Many consider these cats an excellent travel companion if they are used to this activity from an early age. What distinguishes this accompanying animal is its soft and harmonious way of peeling.

Care cat Pixie Bob

⦁ Brush fur regularly to remove dead hair and avoid knots.

⦁ Provide him with enough food, preferably to a veterinarian to prescribe a diet that ensures all the nutrients needed.

⦁ Keep all your vaccines up-to-date and regularly visit your veterinarian.

⦁ Remember that it is very important to play with your cat to encourage him to exercise in order to prevent weight gain, you can also provide short tracks.

⦁ Keep healthy and clean.

Curiosity of the Genie Bob breed

- TICA accepted the bobie bob strain and published its corresponding criteria in 1997.

- The first Bob Pix cat to win an international title was one called Silusprings Zeus.

- Cat associations such as FIFe and WCF do not yet recognize a bob pixie.