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Volunteers are hoping to go to Mars, Red Planet

Volunteers are hoping to go to Mars, Red Planet 

Volunteers are looking to go to Mars, Red Planet
Volunteers are hoping to go to Mars, Red Planet 

Mars One opens the primary phase of choosing the possibility to be a piece of the principal human state on Mars since 2023 

A significant number of you are thinking about whether this is valid or not ... This article We spend a joke, however that was not, perused in and you will be amazed, and just, and you next make an undertaking on the outside of the red planet. 

Before this happened uniquely in movies and sci-fi books yet the facts confirm that it has now become a reality. The Dutch organization Mars One, established by Bas Lansdorp, is searching for volunteers to go to Mars. 

In a year ago's TEDxDelft talk (you can find in the video ), Lansdorp noticed that interest and investigation are a piece of our DNA. The purposes behind looking for volunteers to go to Mars were clear: to help space examine, from one perspective, and on the other 

The Dutch-Dutch organization Mars One intends to settle a human state on Mars inside ten years, in 2023.

Before sending humans to the nearby planet, Mars One wants to prepare the Earth by following these steps:

The establishment of a communications satellite on Mars in 2016
Rover was sent in 2018 with the idea of ​​exploring the land to find the perfect location for the settlement.
In 2020 all the materials needed to establish a colony were sent: solar panels, oxygen generators, water treatment plants, etc.
When and how do I register to go to Mars

On September 14, 2022, the date already set, Mars One will officially begin the mission with the first group of volunteers to go to Mars.

Your program to capture applicants participating in this journey is now officially open, if you want to take the first step to travel within a decade to Mars, you must complete the following online registration.

Company experts will make a preliminary selection of candidates. The elect will have to pay small economic fees, which vary depending on the GDP of the country to which they belong. Of course, the physical conditions of those who finally travel on this task must be impeccable, so March1 will open a specific training program for seven years.

In addition, for the final selection of volunteers to go to Mars, the company will consider five main physical and mental aspects:



-Curiosity of

-The ability to trust others

-Ability to be creative and innovative.

The final stage of the selection process will include between 24 and 40 candidates, chosen by the public, in a kind of "Big Space Brother". Mars One intends to make this public choice because the names of the first settlers for Mars will be determined before and after history.


The deadline for registration is August 31, 2013, the date this first stage will continue. You have time to think if you want to be part of this adventure.

This could be a unique and historic opportunity to be part of the elect who set foot on the Red Planet. To paraphrase Neil Armstrong, we have begun to take the first steps of man, which will undoubtedly be great steps for humanity. Traveling to Mars has never been so easy.

If you want to know more about this news, you can visit the official website, where you can apply to this process and see some of the profiles already registered.