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5 simple rules: how to dress to look slimmer

5 simple rules: how to dress to look slimmer

5 simple rules: how to dress to look slimmer
5 simple rules: how to dress to look slimmer 

Modern tricks that will make you slim down.

1. Choose shoes with a tapered head
The ideal option is classic boats. They live out of direction and unite with anything. But it is best to avoid shoes with heels and square toes: they make the number heavier and make it squat.

Want to look longer at the same time? Choose shoes in a bare palette: they blend with skin tone and make the legs visually longer.

2. Wear the V-neck
This is a cut out universal shape that fits almost everything: it lengthens the silhouette and adds small size to the small breasts, and lush shapes, on the contrary, make them quieter. The main thing is to choose a cut that is not too deep: the neckline should not end below the hollow.

3. Choose the right jeans
Rubble, stains, holes, and any additional decor attract attention to problem areas and make the shape larger. Wear jeans as simple as possible: plain, tall, straight and not too tight. The only deviation from the classics, which certainly does not hurt, is the rough edge of the legs.

Wear jeans with a rectangular jacket lined in black, dark blue or brown: you will get a slim and slender silhouette.

4. Be careful with airtight fabrics.
It can fill suede, suede, jacquard, mohair, angora, boucle, flannel and glossy fabrics, so it's best to avoid things from these materials. If you can't refuse to buy, choose darker shades and don't combine fabrics of different textures into one garment.

Bet on cotton, denim, silk, wool, cashmere, and blouses - the other of them are particularly skinny.

5. Dress in monochrome
The top and bottom of the same color create a continuous head, which helps extend the silhouette and make you slightly higher. Match a shirt or sweater with the same color scheme with a straight skirt or pants.

This rule also chooses a belt - so the effect of monochromatic slimming is maximized. And don't forget fashion - this new season is one of the main trends.