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Your canine may add to drawing out your life and shielding you from a few infections!

Your canine may add to drawing out   your life and shielding you from a few infections! 

Your dog may contribute to prolonging your life and protecting you from several diseases
Your canine may add to drawing out your life and shielding you from a few infections! 

On the off chance that you raise a canine, you can take part in it in an examination that may profit you, just as you, in the wellbeing field and in the test of maturing. How is that? 

In the biggest investigation of its sort on hounds, American scientists might want to do an investigation of 10,000 pooches, to check whether they can improve a canine's life, and apply that to people, as per a CNN report. 

Age remains the greatest contrast among people and pooches, as the age of the last is multiple times shorter than people, as per the past source.

The study included a group of researchers at several American colleges and universities, and these national health institutes are funded by this institute. 
 "Dogs are scientifically better for our friends," the team tells CNN, stressing that dogs have nearly as many aging diseases as humans and share their lives and that he is optimistic that his discoveries may lead to treatment, prevention, and prevention of a range of human diseases. 
 The team is open to anyone in the United States raising a dog from their site to nominate a dog for participation, as it takes only a few minutes to fill out the form. 
 The project's website says its goal is to find out how our genes, way of life, and environment affect aging and that it will use the information obtained to help dogs and humans make their lives disease-free. 

The site confirms that 10,000 dogs will be chosen to be part of a clinical study to discover the potential for improving life-enhancing Cerulimus. Numerous studies indicate strong links between humans and dogs. In 2015, National Geographic magazine noted that dogs can read facial expressions, feel a range of human emotions, feel human and emotional interaction with them, and participate in many activities such as watching TV. 

 Why do dogs make sad chants at the moon? 

 A scientific study revealed that feelings of love towards same-sex people can "strike" the man's best friend, which causes him to wander to the lover to complain about his pain howling towards the moon, as he demonstrated the relationship of the hormone oxytocin in the relationship 

between dogs and their owners?

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A feeling that most people have lived when love is in pain. But do you like animals too? Perhaps the Arab poet had warned in the past when he said: "I love her and love me .. and I love her beauty with my own eyes." But what's in someone’s best friend: Can dogs feel wandering too? "Yes, she can do it! But the reason is not because of the emotional attachment, it is an instinct to preserve this species," says Karen Upp, 56, a veterinarian from Hamburg, Germany. Female dogs are ready for marriage twice a year, mostly in spring and autumn. 

During this period, the bitch smell so intense and attractive that it could turn the heads of men. Signs that a female dog can urinate can "mess up" the hormonal structure of any dog. And the German veterinarian adds to the German newspaper "Bild": "When a man smells this strong smell, he forgets all his other" concerns "and has only one" priority "on his mind: How can I reach this granule? It is not rare for dogs to be infected With turmoil as a result, she will go relentlessly home without a target and complain about howling her moon. " For his part, Dr. Mark Bykov, Professor of Animal Behavior, Cognitive Ethics and Behavioral Environment at the University of Colorado, says: “Of course. We define love as long-term work, in the sense of grief at separation, happiness of meeting again, mutual care, reproduction, and raising, so of course, we can Talking about love, not humans in animals either. " Dr. Bikov adds to the German "Weiss" website by saying that if we know love in a more scientific sense, the experts reach the same result, explaining: "Although there has been confirmed study so far, there is much to suggest that oxytocin has a positive impact on our mood and relationships.". And the researchers found, according to the German website, that when humans and dogs meet, they both release more oxytocin, which is also called a "hormone." This is also the case when dogs meet, according to her recently published study in the Journal of the American National Academy of Sciences. The researchers say in their study: "Oxytocin enhances the social drivers of orientation and approach to dogs, humans and other partners, which forms the basis for the development of any form of stable social relationship.
" Oxytocin is also increasingly distributed "when dogs are human owners". Just as in humans, dogs do not need charts that document their hormone secretion, only to know that what you feel is love. 
"It is very good for dogs to be in a positive relationship," says Bikol. youyo͞o