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A profession that acquires $ 140,000 per year

A profession that acquires $ 140,000 per year 

A career that brings in $ 140,000 a year
A profession that acquires $ 140,000 per year 

What is the calling that has appreciated the most well known lately? 

As per Marketwatch, the rising proficient informal community from LinkedIn, the yearly quest for AI experts has encountered the most grounded development since 2015. 

As a rule, these are architects, investigators, and analysts engaged with AI and different improvements in the field of man-made brainpower. The normal interest for these workers has been a yearly increment of 74% in the course of recent years.

"Artificial intelligence is already present in almost every sector of the economy, and the demand for people who understand this is much higher than supply," says Guy Berger, chief economist at LinkedIn, this is the third year in a row that AI professionals have led the most professions. Required.

The pay in this area is also impressive. According to data from the professional online AI platform, experts in the San Francisco Bay Area earn between $ 120,000 and $ 160,000 annually. However, for top positions in the hierarchy, salaries can exceed $ 250,000, according to Marketwatch.

LinkedIn is not the only company to experience massive growth in demand for AI professionals. In its ranking of "25 Leading Professions in 2019", AI engineers have been unprecedented with job growth of 344% over the past five years.

The average salary is about $ 146,000 a year, according to the platform.

What is this unprecedented interest in this profession?

According to Berger, the demand for employees in this field comes from all economic sectors - from "the usual suspects" in the technology and automotive industries to the most bizarre applications in higher education and sports.

According to him, this is a great opportunity for career development, even for people who have not yet participated in artificial intelligence. Many universities and vocational schools currently offer courses in programming platforms such as TensorFlow and Python.

The majors that complete the five most popular professions are robotics engineers with an annual growth of 40% in demand, data analysts (37%), software engineers (35%) and web developers (34%).

“While many of these careers are technological, attention is paid not only to high-tech companies. The chief economist at LinkedIn says that technology is now a necessity for every company, which means that the need for such expertise will increase.

Interestingly, customer service careers are becoming increasingly in demand. Among the job, vacancies are those of experts in customer and sales communication.

"Communication is the key to working today, and many human capabilities cannot be automated in this field. Companies depend on those people who will complete robots, machines and new technologies in the future."