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The best winter camping site in Europe

The best winter camping site in Europe

The best winter camping site in Europe
The best winter camping site in Europe

Consistently, German ADAC awards costs to different camps in Europe in a few classes. For a few back to back years, the Italian Caravan Park Sixteen Italian Square and the exceptionally rich Italian in northern Italy have been evaluated as the best in Europe. 

In this area of northern Italy - extremely near the outskirt with Austria, you can have questions about the nation where you are as of now on an extended get-away. The straightforward answer is, topographically we are in Italy, yet we are rationally and socially in Austria. It's kin who communicate in Italian and German fluidly, very receptive and glad as well. They are glad to discuss the numerous advantages of having the best of the two nations. The camp likewise mirrors that.

Historical places

The camp is built like an old farm. This is what it looks like on the outside, but inside everything is modern without the charm gone. I've been doing well - because everything rises to a higher unit. There is a mountain atmosphere, Tyrolean atmosphere, and a camping atmosphere while being spoiled on the first day. The facilities are of a higher standard than most of us at home especially. It's clean, clean and hot. Everything desirable from functions exists, but the decor and fixtures are the ones that fascinate the most. Old heavy wooden doors are decorated better than Tyrolean as well as white painted walls inside.


From Norway, the straight road runs through Denmark and Germany, through the Brenner Pass and north of Bolzano, entering Posterdelen. Right next to Sesto / Sexten on the Austrian border in South Tyrol, Caravan Park Sexten is hiding all its delights. It is only the last kilometers you drive mountains. But it is not steep on the road which is a good sign. Easy to find a campsite.

Why so good?

It's hard to say exactly what makes this campsite so good. Perhaps the whole and the nature of this place makes this place particularly attractive. The camp is located 1500 meters above sea level with views of the Alps from the north and the magnificent Dolomites to the south. Wherever you set up a caravan or mobile home, there is a view of the gods. The service is first class and the facilities are top of the class comfort and luxury. Sure, this seems expensive, and of course, it costs extra - but by no means unreasonable.

Active holiday

Caravan Park Sixteen is suitable for both activists and those who want to relax - or maybe both? There are many smaller ski slopes, cross-country trails and guided hiking on snow boots. Especially that the latter is a wonderful experience because you are going through the adventurous winter landscapes in a snow powder deep calmly and serenely. Ships are rented on site. Both short and long trips are arranged and adapted for children. After a few active hours in the snow, it's time to go to the impressive wellness center, where there are caves with heated pools, outdoor pools and many treatments that completely forget the time and place.

Italian kitchen

If you go to bed hungry, it's your own fault. Caravan Park Sexten has three different restaurants. A family-friendly pizzeria with memorable good pizzas, an à la carte restaurant, and a gourmet restaurant. The place also naturally has its own wine cellar with an impressive selection of the best among Italian drops.

Skiing - of course

Of course, you should ski. The trails pass through the country directly behind the camp inside the forest, and the Alpine slopes are part of the Sextner Dolomites / Alta Val Pusteria. Monte Elmo, Croda Rossa, and Monte Croce are just a few kilometers from the square. There is a ski bus from the campsite to the ski lifts. The nearest Signal Trail is just a 10-minute walk away. The track is well prepared and there are new and old lifts. It is unprecedentedly invested in the region: new places to eat, improvements to ski slopes, new lifts and snow cannons make it an exciting area to keep up with many years to come. Skiing can be rented in many places.


The perfect winter day can be a lot. But here in Sexten, I would like to start pampering with the excellent breakfast of the restaurant. Then I laid a good foundation for many of today's tasks. Then I will look in the wild. Snow boots are a great family activity especially as guided tours allow you to learn more about the area. Skiing is also, of course, an excellent choice. In the afternoon, I will devote a lot of time to the wellness section. Here the campsite is unique in many ways, whether you choose treatments, a beautiful indoor pool or a heated outdoor pool.
 Dinner can be enjoyed at home in the caravan or caravan with Italian specialties, the best pizza in the world at the on-site restaurant or gourmet dinner if you want to get a full choke. Will not disappoint you any of the opportunities! The perfect ending would be the couch in the cart with a good book and blanket - or if the weather is clear: an evening tour where you can see how the stars frame the iconic Dolomites. It's an experience you'll never forget.
 If you ask me, the holiday is about memorable experiences - experiences for life.