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Tesla chose Berlin as its first factory in Europe

Tesla chose Berlin as its first factory in Europe

Tesla chose Berlin as its first factory in Europe
Tesla chose Berlin as its first factory in Europe

Tesla CEO Elon Musk says the principal European manufacturing plant for the US electric vehicle organization will be worked in Berlin. 

Musk additionally declared that the organization will assemble a building and configuration focus in the German capital. 

Tesla has just reported its craving to begin generation in Europe in 2021. 

The move by Tesla, which is putting intensely in a Chinese plant, comes in the midst of developing challenges in the field of electric vehicles. 

Musk offered the expression at the honors service in Germany.
"Everyone knows that German engineering is exceptional and this is part of the reason our European plant is deployed in Germany," the BBC was quoted as saying.

Musk said the plant would be near Berlin's new airport and then announced on Twitter that it would produce batteries, batteries, and cars, starting with the Y-type.

The focus on Germany comes amid growing demand for electric cars in Europe.

The largest electric car manufacturing industry will emerge in Germany, France, Spain, and Italy in the coming years, according to industry analysis.

Confirmed or expected to be launched in about 16 major lithium-ion battery manufacturers in Europe by 2023

Tesla's European plans go hand in hand with the company's $ 2 billion investment in a new plant in Shanghai.

The company wants to increase production in China, the world's largest auto market. Tariffs imposed as part of the US-China trade war, however, affected sales there.

This week, Tesla will showcase its new Chinese cars to local media.

However, Tesla has been suffering losses for years, raising investor suspicion and casting a shadow over the performance of stocks in recent years.

The company has not yet announced its annual profit, although it posted positive financial results for the last two quarters of 2018.

Last year, Tesla took strong cost-containment measures, including creating thousands of jobs.