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Selkirk Rex, behavior, characteristics and care

Selkirk Rex, behavior, characteristics and care

Selkirk Rex, behavior, characteristics and care
Selkirk Rex, behavior, characteristics and care

Selkirk Rex is essentially portrayed by its wavy hide, charming character, and patient that enables it to effortlessly adjust to any family that desires to give all the adoration and care it merits. 

The Rex Selkirk otherwise called "The Sheep Cat", began by 1987 in Wyoming, USA. It is said that in a creature cover seemed five cute little felines, incorporating a female with wavy hide. 

They saw the explicitness of the feline, and chose to hand it over to feline raisers, who was liable for intersection it with one of the Persian felines, along these lines acquiring hair buildups like the hair of the poodles, after which a reproducing program was made in which crosses were made with duplicates of American short-haired, Himalayan, Exotic And short British hair until the present race.

Features Selkirk Rex

- Height: between 9 and 11 inches.

- Weight: These cats weigh between 5 and 7 kg; females, between 4 and 6.

- Fur: ​​abundant, spongy and curly. Can be short or semi-long.

- Fur color: All colors and points are recognized.

- Head: solid, rounded, and wide skull.

- Body: Muscle, compact.

- Neck: short and solid.

- Eyes: separate, large and round. Green or dark blue.

- Ears: They have a broad, medium-sized and separate base.

- Nose: short, wide and straight.

- Tail: thick, medium length, rounded tip.

- Legs: medium length and muscular.

 Selkirk Rex, behavior, characteristics and care
Selkirk Rex, behavior, characteristics and care

Life expectancy

The average age of Selkirk rex is between 12 and 15 years.

Selkirk Rex Health

The Selkirk Rex usually has excellent health, but because of the abundant hair can suffer trichobezoars (ugly digestive parallax) and earwax balls.

Selkirk Rex behavior

Selkirk rex has a very calm, emotional and gentle personality. It is undoubtedly an excellent companion animal for all kinds of families who want to treat him with the love he deserves. 

It is well-aligned with the children and other animals of the company and is the best choice for the elderly.

Cats from these breeds are among the most legendary ballasts in the world, where they can easily adapt to home life, and even live well inside an apartment without any complications, because they do not like to roam anywhere, climbing trees or roofs as you normally do other races. 
It should be noted that they do not like the idea of ​​being alone.

Take care of Selkirk Rex

Semi-long hair samples should be brushed more frequently than short hair samples, in order to keep the fur in good condition and avoid knitting.

Bathe your Selkirk Rex cat only when you feel it is necessary.
He won't require a fur coat.
Take care of your eyes, teeth, and ears.
Go to your veterinarian frequently and keep all your vaccines up to date.

Curiosity of Selkirk Rex

The International Cat Association (TICA) recognized the breed in 1992.
Albert Einstein is Rex Selkirk who is best known on the Internet for being a "very bad" cat. Thanks to him, the breed was recognized worldwide in almost all existing cats associations and gained increasing popularity among people.