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Proposals for the assurance of pets from firecrackers

Proposals for the assurance of pets from firecrackers 

Recommendations for the protection of pets from fireworks
Proposals for the assurance of pets from firecrackers 

Listing, shaking or turning out to be forceful are a portion of the outcomes mutts can encounter when the roar of firecrackers is heard. Instructions to deal with them during the special seasons Every year, festivities praising the appearance of the New Year include the custom of firecrackers that are not any more pleasant than certain individuals, in light of the fact that for some creatures it is one of the most stunning occasions of the year. Play In this specific situation, a significant point stays to be comprehended for the individuals who have pets: what to do when it strikes at 12 early afternoon and firecrackers attack the sky. 

Slobbering, vibration or even the most genuine results are those that can experience the ill effects of the thunder of firecrackers. For veterinarian Amanda Perez, there are various instruments to evade dread in pooches and help them. How to perceive dread? The year-end festivities are frequently joined by firecrackers and firecrackers, which implies a boisterous and irritating clamor for pets. 

"The first symptom is that the puppy adopts a more alert attitude, as he will avoid doing things that make him exposed and weak, such as eating, drinking water, sleeping, or even meeting his needs as much as he usually does. They tend to get more anxious." The piano is loaded, jumping and crying. " If your pet stays in another house, or if he or she has to take care of someone's dog, it is important to ask what his fears are, in addition to fireworks. 
Perez said: "The dog owner can advise on this issue, how to respond to it, and provide guidance on how to act to calm him and keep it safe." A low posture of the body (which is fixed, ears down, pupils stretch, tail down or between the hind legs) is a symptom when the dog is afraid, scared or pressed. 

You can also lick the snout and show your teeth. 
 The most extreme symptoms, according to the expert, are excessive salivation, tachycardia, and even an attempt to escape. Some dogs can get aggressive. 
Therefore, preventive measures should be taken to prevent the dog from reaching this point. In this way, closing glass doors and windows near midnight in the new year, putting music or playing the TV at high volume, will generate a more pleasant and ideal environment for pets.

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How to help a dog? 

 For specialists, the ideal is to keep dogs in one room and never go out. This way it is easier to identify them and give them a safer environment. 

It is important to take out all the things you can throw, break, or that are dangerous. Scary dogs can hide and do everything to try to escape. Therefore, this space must be 100% ready and free of potential accidents or escape routes. 
If the dogs hide under the table, bed, chairs or any other place, it's best not to get him out of there and leave him alone, as he feels safe there. Another way to make them feel safe is to bring games to them. "Dogs understand our facial expressions very well and it's very important not to worry about the fear they feel," the professional said. For a veterinarian, bending over to talk to them with the famous "baby voice" is not a good option, because the dog can understand that a person is also afraid. "Even if the puppy leaps and asks you to load it, it is advised not to lift it, as it can be understood as a sign of insecurity. It's always best to be normal, that everything is under control and let you know it is protected," said the animal health specialist. Tellington Touch For this occasion, there is the famous Tellington Touch, a technique that involves putting a bandage or scarf around the dog's body. This way, somebody points are stimulated, making you feel more comfortable and less secure.

Some tips for this technique according to the specialist are: 

 1) Do not tighten The bandage can't be loose, but it can't be too tight either. If this happens, there is a risk of interruption of blood circulation.
 2) Try before A day or two before the end of the year, you can put a bandage on dogs and see how they interact. If you feel uncomfortable, try removing it. Also, be aware of how to eat or if you're walking hard. If this is the case, it is best to remove the bandage and not use it on vacation because the uncomfortable dog can get tense more. 
 3) Put the bandage in 30 minutes before you start throwing fireworks After the fires start, it will be difficult to put it. You will feel excited and afraid and you will be motivated by hiding. Thus, putting it about 30 minutes ago prevents the dog from associating the experience of using it with the cause of fear (fireworks), which reduces the possibility of facing all this as punishment and making this experience worse.