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Papillon or butterfly dog, take care of it, its properties and more

Papillon or butterfly dog, take care of it, its properties and more

Papillon or butterfly dog, take care of it, its properties and more
Papillon or butterfly dog, take care of it, its properties and more 

The Butterfly hound ​​or Papillon is an extremely dynamic and little pooch described for the most part by its huge ears, henceforth the name. The Spaniel Papillon is a type of Spaniel canines, little and profoundly successful whose fundamental highlights lie in its butterfly-molded ears to which it is named. In French, Papillon implies butterfly, so it is otherwise called a butterfly hound. 
It is a type of France and Belgium, in spite of the fact that in the nineteenth century it experienced a few crosses until it brought about the Papillon Spaniel that we know today. 

In Magazine Defaf, we have committed a total article to this wonderful creature with the goal that you know its qualities, constant conduct, the consideration it needs and some interest experienced by this ear among rulers. 

Qualities of the Spanish Papillon

 Measurement: A small dog does not exceed 30 cm in adulthood. This is why it is also called a dwarf or continental dwarf. 

 Weight: Males are less weighty in adult age 4.5 kg, while females easily reach 5 kg. Fur: ​​Fur is long and soft. 

 Coat color: White base, although it is always combined with other colors such as black, red and brown. 

 Eyes: Large wide open but not too prominent. They are dark in color. 

 Head: It is supplied with the body and is usually lighter and shorter than the tail of the medium and large size. 

Tail: from high transplantation long tail and hair. 

Port: It's a stylish dog in size, with a protruded nose, a panicked nose, and a long hairy tail.

Habitat: It is an ideal dog for apartments and small houses.

Life expectancy Papillon dogs often live around the age of 14. the health Being a breed that comes from various crosses can suffer from inherited diseases typical of their origins such as allergies, dental problems, and patella dislocation. 

 Patellar dislocation is a sliding of the bone, the knee moves from the groove. 

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Papillon behavior 

 Epagneul Paill√≥n, as is also known, is not an outgoing dog and ashamed of strangers, although it is an excellent company to watch the house. 

 They are dynamic dogs who quickly warn of any strange movement, their barking makes them feel. 
He is very curious and does not like to get out of his routine or unusual events. The Spaniel Papillon share with children completely, so energy makes the dog special to play with them. However, these dogs can be squeezed too quickly, so it is always convenient to watch the game between them, as some children can be very confident and dynamic at the same time. Although it is unlikely that the attack could give some worries from time to time. It is a dog that easily adapts to changes, if you leave it in another house or in a nursery for dogs, it can adapt quickly and without a problem, as long as it treats it well. The butterfly dog ​​stands out for its natural beauty in competitions and competitions. 
In addition, they are very dynamic and love to jump, so you can be the favorite person to win in jumping and ball games.

Papillon or butterfly dog, take care of it, its properties and more
Papillon or butterfly dog, take care of it, its properties and more 

Dog Care Papillon

 They don't tolerate the cold too much, because their fur, though abundant is fine. Therefore, it is common for these people to suffer from colds in cold weather, as they better tolerate Mediterranean climates. In winter or rainy seasons, it is necessary to protect them well. To keep your scalp smooth and soft, it is necessary to clean continuously, you can do it daily without any problem. At bath time, use a good shampoo to help keep the coat soft. Training because they are very important dogs to teach them how to socialize and obey basic instructions such as silence on-demand or respect for strangers. The curiosity of the butterfly dogs Spanish dogs have a natural beauty that connects them with a fine gift among the nobles. 
The Spanish nobles gave it as a gift to their kings and their noble peers in Europe, their ears attractive. In particular, Papillon Spaniel receives this name for the first time from Queen Marie Antoinette, and she had a dog of this breed named "Le Petit Papillon", because of the shape of a butterfly with its small ears. 
As a strange fact, this queen in France was called "Autre Chienne" (the other bitch) Will this name have to do with her love of dogs? It is considered one of the oldest breeds of miniature continental dog miniatures. The evidence of antiquity can be seen in paintings dating from 1270 to the work of Ambrose of Budusi Jyoti. 

 Although a very old French and Belgian dog, the first dog known as Papillon would be English and was in 1906 when it was publicly acknowledged. 
Papillon is one of the most common small dog breeds in the world. Are you ready to embrace your next Papillon Spaniel? Fill yourself with tenderness and don't forget to show your love for discipline. This is a breed of dog that thanks you.