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Google pays for women more than men for equal positions

Google pays for women more than men for equal positions

Google pays for women more than men for equal positions
Google pays for women more than men for equal positions

In an effort to solve the prevailing gender inequalities between men and women, Google examines its own practices on the subject every year.

Be that as it may, the outcomes are marginally unique in relation to anticipated. The organization pays lower pay rates for men than ladies for indistinguishable employments from programming engineers. 

Accordingly, Google repaid 10,677 workers for an extra $ 9.7 million to dispose of the imbalances sketched out in the investigation, the organization said by means of a blog distributed by CNBC. Despite the fact that it is uncovered that men's wages are underestimated, Google doesn't show the extent of guys who are redressed. 

In 2017, the organization uncovered that it expanded the pay rates of 228 underestimated representatives, reserving a sum of $ 270,000.

Last year's analysis shows that a group of men working as software engineers "receive less discretionary money against women," a blog of a company signed by Google's chief analyst on pay and analysis from people Lauren Barbato.

In the survey methodology, the company indicates that it analyzes the gross remuneration of employees, which in addition to salaries includes bonuses across different population groups. Google analyzes each job in groups of at least 30 employees and at least 5 employees when it comes to demographic analysis.

The analysis covers 91% of Googlers.

The discovery of the Internet giant comes after a tough battle with gender issues in the workplace. Thousands of Googlers worldwide protested last November after The New York Times reported that former Android CEO Andy Robin had been released from the company with compensation of $ 90 million. Robin resigned after being charged with sexual misconduct.

Employees used this moment to talk about their experiences of sexual harassment in the workplace, prompting Google to stop arbitration practices in cases of harassment and discrimination, preventing employees from taking harassment to court.

As a result, the company changed the rules and turned arbitration from something mandatory to the employee's choice.

Google said in an analysis last year that despite efforts to achieve wage equality, it depends not only on the job, but on rank, experience, and performance, which affects salaries and bonuses.