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The future of selfies: no longer just a picture

The future of selfies: no longer just picture

The future of selfies: no longer just a picture
The future of selfies: no longer just a picture 

Cell phone cameras can turn into an apparatus to change various ventures by moving representations from a "fun side interest" to a mechanical marvel, as per another report by Sony Mobile. The report and its going with investigation of 6,500 European clients from the UK, France, Germany and Spain, distributed as a team with Futurizon, found that customers are available to the "tremendous number of potential applications" for camera photography and cell phones. 

Alongside Dr. Ian Pearson's reference section, Sony Mobile has researched various areas prone to incorporate cell phone photography and selfies as a specialized component later on. Potential applications incorporate all - from independent entertainment meccas that permit adrenaline addicts to encounter their most recent gear encounters, to insane shopping they use as "virtual individual partners" to evaluate various outfits at the dash of a catch.

After identifying these applications, more than 6,500 users shared their ideas about the development of selfies as a social trend and sought similar and more functional uses for smartphone photography.

“The project has given us a realistic look at how selfies are evolving and why they can become a tool for transforming so many different sectors,” said Michio Marohashi, director of marketing strategy at Sony Mobile.

“At Sony Mobile, we face the dual task of designing smartphones that make consumers' lives easier today, but with a view to the future, fostering innovation and change. XZ - for great picture quality, so it's very exciting to realize that consumers are willing to embrace selfies for such a wide range of uses in the near future make our everyday life easier. ”

The report identifies the ten most common aspects that consumers believe selfies can develop in the next five years:

1. Dating: Selfies with the person you meet to see what they really think

2. Medicine: More than a quarter of people prefer to see a GP through a personal or video call for an initial consultation

3. Banking for Sylvie generation: Nearly half of children between the ages of 25 and 34 will feel safer if they can access their banks through a “selfie password”

4. In your spare time: Nearly half of the high-intensity sensors want to experience a spiral selfie, circular lets you capture your experience as it happens

5. Fitness/exercise: assistants who work artificially to monitor the body, such as heart rate, and even provide suggestions to improve the technique and the performance of exercise.

6. Precise clothing sizes: Take a hologram to determine the exact clothing sizes

7. In trade: You can use the smartphone camera to experience different clothes fit your body shape at the touch of a button

8. Social Currency: Pay for the entrance to a movie or tourist attraction through selfies

9. Robots: Use your smartphone to control drones or robots to take selfies from other or more extreme locations. 10. Home: Use selfies for security and access to our homes and cars

“It was very interesting to determine the evolution of portrait photography and smartphones with the Sony Mobile team,” said Dr. Ian Pearson, a futurist and founder of the Selfie Future Report. the video. "

"The results clearly show that selfies are becoming a fun pastime for a technological phenomenon and are thinking of many industries. The potential is enormous and it will be exciting to see how these things unfold in the coming years."