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Experts explain why cats are afraid of cucumbers

Experts explain why cats are afraid of cucumbers

Experts explain why cats are afraid of cucumbers
Experts explain why cats are afraid of cucumbers 

Maybe you've as of late asked why felines fear cucumbers? 

Subsequent to viewing on informal communities that an ever-increasing number of individuals are transferring recordings of their felines associating oddly with these vegetables, the inquiry showed up in light of the fact that a few people are interested, however, others are worried about the response of these creatures in the recordings like the one we will appear straight away. 

A few felines couldn't care less to bring these vegetables, however, others fear cucumbers and hop into the air when they see them. Recordings of such experiences have as of late gotten viral as individuals attempt to show how their pets react, however in the wake of perusing this post, 

You will understand that they don't have anything amusing in light of the fact that this isn't useful for creatures, specialists caution.

Experts explain why cats are afraid of cucumbers

National Geographic consulted experts on the subject and explained the reactions of these animals to ensure they were not intimidated to satisfy our curiosity. "If you put pressure on an animal, that's definitely not good at all. If you do that to laugh, it makes me ask your humanity," commented Jill Goldman, a recognized animal behavior expert in California.

John Bradshaw, a cat behavior expert at the University of Bristol and author of the book Cat Sense agrees, saying "grim" videos are "incitement to scare people into cats and then invite people to laugh at them."

Goldman explains that cucumbers cause a natural alert response in cats because they "usually don't see an option on the ground," considering the situation to be a threat. He may associate the shape and green color of alien invaders with snakes, which can be deadly predators, Goldman says. That's why cats jump in these videos.

Pam Johnson Bennett, author of Think Like, adds the fact that the choice is placed near where cats usually feed as seen in videos, confusing cats because these areas are often associated with safety and security. 
To the cat (think as a cat). "It's very cruel," she says.

Goldman says introducing new things into the home can be a good source of mental stimulation for pets, but they should not be done to drive them crazy.

Remember that if you intentionally intimidate your cat, it may cause injury, break something, or lead to long stress.