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Dubai is building a new mall with an area of ​​100 football fields

Dubai is building a new mall with an area of ​​100 football fields

Dubai is building a new mall with an area of ​​100 football fields
Dubai is building a new mall with an area of ​​100 football fields 

Dubai is intending to fabricate a gigantic shopping center that will enable guests to exploit numerous mechanical advancements, just as access to China's biggest Middle East neighborhood. 

Structured by Dubai Holding and Emaar Properties, Dubai Square will be situated in the core of Dubai Creek Harbor, only a little ways from the air terminal. 

The retail monster is intended for another period in 21st-century shopping, as indicated by Express. 

With more than 749,000 square feet of retail space, Dubai Square will be proportional to the size of 100 football fields. The task will cost $ 2.5 billion 

Its makers draw motivation from London's Oxford Street, Beverly Hills in Los Angeles, Paris' Champs-Élysées Boulevard, Ginza in Tokyo, Piazza Della Republica in Florence and Plaza Mayor in Madrid. 

Innovation is the foundation of the shopping center. It will give its clients tweaked portable applications, brisk installment arrangements, 3D printing, automatons, AI, and then some.
Shopping will be taken to a whole new level thanks to special VIP trials, smart interactive mirrors, private fashion collections, 3D printed clothing and accessories, fashion museums and more.
The first floor will be entirely dedicated to luxury shops, restaurants, and leisure. The mall will also offer a water park, cinemas, a sports arena, and many more entertainment.

Dubai Square will host concerts and theatrical performances, celebrity shows, acrobatic shows, exhibitions and more.

If that is not enough, visitors will have access to an incredible variety of restaurants serving food from different regions of the world.
The mall will also shelter China's largest neighborhood in the Middle East. Over 200,000 Chinese citizens live in the United Arab Emirates, and thousands of Chinese tourists visit them each year.

Dubai hopes to attract 20 million tourists by 2020, and Emaar Properties says the new mall will play a central role in stimulating retail sales in the emirate.

Last month, the UAE announced free visas for tourists under the age of 18 in the summer.