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Is there control over dogs? Strategies for beginners

Is there control over dogs? Strategies for beginners

Is there control over dogs? Strategies for beginners
Is there control over dogs? Strategies for beginners

Is there strength in hounds? Is it awful to be pioneers for our mutts? Canine clinician and behaviorist Efrain Daniel responds to these inquiries and enlightens us regarding the significance of strength and its significance. 

Today I need to discuss a point that causes a ton of contention, and it's strength in hounds, is there predominance among hounds? A few coaches, mentors, or ethnologists state that there is nothing of the sort as strength among hounds even that they don't pack creatures or that they have chains of importance among them. A few people dislike the expression "pack pioneer" and believe that we should not be pioneers or prevailing with hounds and that applying predominance with our canines is even a demonstration of mercilessness.

Is there dominance in dogs?

In my experience and what I have learned from working with packs of dogs, I say that there is dominance in dogs, even since puppies exhibit dominant behaviors and it is nothing serious. The real problem has been the negative connotation given by some trainers or trainers.

For 5 years working in shelters and with packs of dogs I have learned that dogs are animals that need to be part of a pack, and in a pack, there are two positions, dominant or submissive, leader or follower, people who have two or more dogs have the experience that one of their dogs tends to dominate the rest when playing or eating, or when it barks or does something the rest follows. Even mothers dominate their puppies when they have improper behavior as a corrective form.

But what is dominance?

As I always say, dominance has nothing to do with being violent with our dogs, dominance is nothing other than being assertive and safe when communicating with our dogs in order to avoid territorial or dominant behavior against other animals or people. A dominant dog is not an aggressive dog or a bad dog, it is a very high-energy dog that tries to control situations that seem irregular.

Let's understand that domination is not a problem, the problem is when people responsible for pets do not know how to control certain situations and the dog scales in its behavior and gets out of control.

So is it bad to be leaders for our dogs?

Not at all. The word leader is not negative, leading is nothing more than guiding positively if we are leaders for our dogs we will earn their trust and respect.