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No more mistakes with how to get rid of a dog?

No more mistakes with how to get rid of a dog?

No more mistakes with how to get rid of a dog?
No more mistakes with how to get rid of a dog?

While deworming a pooch, the sort of parasite that is influencing it must be considered so as to give the fitting treatment, here are a few proposals that you should remember whether your canine has parasites 

Deworming a pooch is an errand that you should perform moderately much of the time when you have a canine as an individual from your family, here in Magazine Defaf we mention to you what you should consider when battling the inward parasites of your pet. 

Regardless of whether for avoidance or to treat the malevolent itself, deworming a canine is a measure that numerous applications so as to see their pet solid and solid, so in the event that you see in the pooch side effects, for example, looseness of the bowels, heaving, absence of craving or state of mind turn on the alerts and promptly goes to the veterinarian.

What you should know when deworming a dog?

Many of the parasites that attack the dog's organism come with them at birth; that is, that their own mothers spread from the womb to the little puppy. Others, however, can get them by ingesting, for example, contaminated food and water.

When do I need to deworm my dog?

The truth of the matter is that if your pet has the symptoms described above, such as vomiting and diarrhea, it has surely been another victim of these malicious hosts; So with the help of a specialist doctor, you must create a deworming calendar that will be subject to the breed, weight, and age of the animal to eradicate the annoying parasites of its organism.

Keep in mind that you should be very aware of all the symptoms that your canine presents and with that information help your trusted veterinarian to make a correct diagnosis.

What drugs are used to deworm a dog?

Treating internal parasites with drugs will undoubtedly require the help of a veterinarian. Establishing a schedule will be essential to heal and prevent future infections.

It is recommended that the first dose of dewormer for canines be applied after they turn six weeks of age, then reinforce every three to four months.

The pills available in the market are quite effective and economical and are classified according to the type of parasite:

How to deworm a dog?

Canine deworming is also a fundamental part of a dog's health care.
- There are antiemetics to fight roundworms that lodge in the respiratory, intestinal and circulatory tract.
- The antitrematódicos are very good to eradicate flatworms lodged in lungs and liver.
- To fight against flatworms in the gastrointestinal tract are the anti-esodic type pills.
- The antiprozoarios are the type of pills used to fight unicellular microorganisms in the uterus, intestines, and blood.
- For the control of mites, lice and flies are ectoparasiticides or acaricides.
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There are natural treatments to treat a dog with parasites

Some people use natural remedies to deworm dogs. Next, we mention the most used:

- Wormwood: Its antihelmintic properties help fight parasites from the intestine. You should give up to 15 droplets every 8 hours for a week.
- Coconut: Coconut water and, in addition, ground coconut are good dewormers. The dog can either drink water or eat coconut every morning.
Pumpkin seeds: Cucurbitacin is an amino acid typical of - pumpkin or ahuyama that helps expel parasites from the intestine of the can. You must grind and mix 80 grams (for small dogs) and 500 grams (large dogs) with food.
- Brewer's yeast: Mix brewer's yeast very well with the pet's food for a few weeks. It is essential to eliminate unwanted guests.
- Grapefruit seed: Just throwing up to 10 drops of this fruit's seed extract and then mixing it with food will be necessary to fight microorganisms.

Other recommendations

In addition to deworming your dog, maintaining hygiene in the canine as such and its surroundings is a very important factor in preventing future infections.

Also, there is much talk about being vigilant after each walk with your dog, because while they are in the park or other areas they can have direct contact with parasites through the feces of other animals.

The constant checkups with the vet is a way to maintain the health of our pet, so do not miss the opportunity of a consultation to avoid future problems. Remember also that this article is merely informative and that as soon as you notice any alteration in the health of your pet you should provide veterinary attention immediately.

Deworming a dog externally is also very important, removing the ticks of a canine is essential to preserve a good state of health in a pet.